++ ABGESAGT ++ 10 Jahre Branko Slava Superband


Bessunger Knabenschule


Die Darmstädter Balkan-Rocker jubilieren
Band-Pressetext: “Gentles and Ladymen, Branko Slava Superband is finaly growing old: We don´t know how but we luckely turn 10 old Years and want you to celebrate us with!
As we do love Melodä for Millinä Festival as much as you love us (and also we didn´t manage to write more than 8 Songs in the last Decade) we desided to do Best of all Songs we ever did on Melodiä from the last 10 Years. You will hatefully love it!
There will be enough good Beer, bad Schnaps and pickled Essiggummern for you, so the evening should get wild!
As very much handsome Support we have nice Friends to play Supergig with: Barta Haari and Scheisside! Very much good!!
For bigtime Superfoodschnaps: Zum goldenen Hirsch”

Eintritt 5 Euro

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